Thanks for Sharing Soundtrack

Hier is de officiële tracklist van de soundtrack van Thanks for Sharing, de aankomende drama komedie geregisseerd door Stuart Blumberg en met Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alecia Moore en Josh Gad:

Thanks for Sharing Originele Film Soundtrack
Verschillende Artiesten.

1. Streetwalking – Craig Wedren
2. How You Like Me Now? – The Heavy
3. Easy – The Peach Kings
4. Let Me Tell You About Her – Elvis Costello
5. This Year – The Mountain Goats
6. Perfect Moment – Darden Smith
7. Damaged – Kathryn Gallagher
8. Year of the Tiger – St. Vincent
9. Parenthesis – The Antlers
10. Tender Comrade – Billy Bragg
11. Hero – Family of the Year
12. Thanks for Sharing Suite – Christopher Lennertz
Thanks for Sharing Liedje - Thanks for Sharing Muziek - Thanks for Sharing Soundtrack - Thanks for Sharing Filmscore

Plot Samenvatting:
“New York City, Thanks for Sharing draait rond 3 mensen die een 12 stapsproces ondergaan om te genezen van hun sexverslaving.”

De filmsoundtrack van Thanks for Sharing zal uitgebracht worden op 17 september 2013 door Milan Records.

En hier is de track list van de filmscore:

Thanks for Sharing Originel Score
Muziek gecomponeerd door Christopher Lennertz.

1. Thanks For Sharing Theme
2. Hymn for Hope
3. Adam and Phoebe
4. Neil Struggles
5. Meditation and Progress
6. Dede Shares
7. I’ m Scared And I Need Help
8. Sensory Overload
9. Bike Ride
10. Danny At AA
11. Neil s Story
12. Don t Take The Subway
13. Turning Things Around
14. Hopelessness
15. Descent and Relapse
16. Darkness
17. One Day At A Time
18. Theme for Four Celli
19. Thanks for Sharing Suite
Thanks for Sharing Filmscore

De filmscore van Thanks for Sharing zal uitgebracht worden op 10 september 2013 door Milan Records.